Activity 1: Creating a Blog

Blogging is going to be the backbone of the ICT component for our inaugural orientation programme.

Objective of Activity

  • To create a blog and the various ways of 'blogging'
  • Experience the use of blogging during the Orientation Programme, from the students' perspective


Those who do not have any blog account with Blogger

  • Those who already have a blog account with Blogger
  • Do remember the login username and password? If not, please reset and ensure it works...

The Task

  • Create a blog and name it. "2010 Journey begins now..."
  • There should be two posts to this blog

Part (a)

  • In one of the post, insert an image that is representative of your feelings and reactions as 2010 is just 1-2 days away from now.
  • Give an appropriate title to this post.
  • Share why you choose this picture to represent your feelings and reactions.
  • Cite your image if you are not the owner of the photograph/image.
  • Do not post your photograph in the blog.

Part (b)

  • In another post, describe your experience in creating this blog
  • It should be at least 20 words
  • Name the title "My Experience in creating this blog"

Part (c)

  • Submit the URLs of this blog to COMMENTS.
  • Remember to sign off with your name.

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