Activity 2: Expressing your experience beyond Text

With technology, expression of thoughts (e.g. Reflection) is no longer limited to text. Multimedia elements stretches the mode of expression beyond a single dimension. Let's explore!

Objective of Activity
  • Create an image/video clip with Photo Booth
  • Email an image/videoclip (with text) to blog

The Task

  • What is your expectations in 2010?
  • Create a video clip with Photo Booth. The video clip is to be uploaded to the blog.
  • Email the clip to the blog to
  • Your post will be posted in this blog.

Before you begin with this task, let's ask...

  • As a participant, are you clear with the instruction?
  • As a trainer, am I clear with the instructions?
After note: To sharpen the instruction...
  • What is the duration of the video clip?
  • What is the format of the video clip?
  • Further elaboration is required "Expectation of what???"
  • Where can we do the task? Within the classroom, outside?

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