Activity 3: Getting to Know Places with GoogleMaps

Objectives of Activity
1. To use Google Maps to get useful information for planning
2. To create a personalised map

(a) Using Google Maps: For beginners, watch the following videoclip before getting started

Source: Google. (2009, December 06). Introduction to Google Maps Singapore with Traffic & Transit [video file]. Retrieved from

Useful resources
The Task (Part 1) - ON YOUR OWN

1. Using Google Maps, suggest a route(s) from SST to your favourite pastime venue (e.g. shopping mall? museum?).

2. Apart from the suggested routes, what other information does Google Maps provide that helps you plan your journey to school?

3. How useful and reliable do you think are the information that Google Maps provide?

4. Post your work in your personal blog.

(b) Personalising Google maps: For beginners, watch the following videoclip before getting started

Source: Google. (2009, December 06). How to create a "My Map" in Google Maps [video file]. Retrieved from


The Task (Part 2) - ON YOUR OWN

1. Using Google Maps, create a map on ONE of the following:

  • (a) Some places that you been to, in Singapore, during this school vacation; or
  • (b) Some places that you been to overseas

2. Your personalised map should have the following:

  • At least 3 landmarks/places marked on the map.
  • For each landmark/place, there should be at least one image and a brief description.

3. Generate the code of the map and embed it the same post (in your personal blog) created in the previous activity. Provide your post with a name and briefly share what you did in the place(s) you visited.

Here's a an example of how your personalised map will look like when embedded in the post.

View Some Places in a larger map


The Task (Part 3) - TEAM WORK

1. As a group

  • Identify the location of the places shown HERE
  • Mark out these locations in a GoogleMap
  • Tag the images to the various locations. You may have more than one image for each location.
  • Briefly describe the daily activities that could happen in those locations.
  • Embed the final map in a post and submit it to this blog*
  • The post should also include the names of the team members.
*The leader of the group will be invited as a co-author of this blog.
You will post your work in this blog.


How-to: Embed Map in Blog Post

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